“Greater rewards, lower costs”


I am a authorised financial advisor by profession, researcher by interest, and an investor by passion.  What is more, I am independent, and by choice! I have freedom in expressing my views and ideas, I do not necessarily support any specific school of thought, nor are my views or ideas necessarily supported by any specific institution or group. I observe the world as it is, no “sacred cows”, no “vested interests”, no fear of “conflict of interest”. However, I do assume responsibility for the financial “well-being” of my clients, therefore I shall do my utmost to unravel the intricacies of those paths leading to financial success and reward. 

Why this website? I thought it would be sensible to share my experience and knowledge with a potentially wider audience than just my personal client base. This website is a sincere attempt to “live the dream”.

For those who wished for a more “bells and whistles”-look to the website, I have to remind you this is all about intent and content. I want to present information as clearly as possible and not cause distraction by some “flashing icons” on the screen!  Notwithstanding, I would appreciate feedback on how to make this presentation even more user-friendly.  

My wish is that at least some aspects of my discussion would motivate you to further study and a fresh look at the exciting world of investing.


Daniel R Wessels