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Articles & Presentations


November 2015:    The Challenges of Retirement Planning

February 2014:      Towards sustainable retirement planning                          PDF         PPT

December 2012:    The Winner’s Curse

November 2011:    ETF investing: Plug and Play?                                              PDF         PPT

September 2011:   Concentrated equity markets and ETF investing             PDF         PPT

August 2011:          Beating the odds

September 2010:   Active and Index Investing: A crash course for dummies

February 2010:      Volatile Markets: Is buy-and-hold still prudent?

December 2009:    Adapt or Die: The Innovation Imperative

April 2009:              Fat Tails and Fat Pockets

September 2008:   High Food Prices: A Structural or Cyclical Phenomenon?

February 2008:      The Re-Emergence of China

February 2007:      Aspects of Behavioural Finance

September 2005:   Stock Market Predictability

July 2005:               The Importance of Dividends: “The More, the Better”